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Meet Sevte&Co.

The place to find a solution to all your daily problems.

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The best professionals at your fingertips.

At Sevte&Co, we take care of contacting technical professionals with user problems and breakdowns.

We are passionate about solving problems and our experience in the technical service sector. With more than 10 years working personally for large companies, we decided to take the step and bring that great service to the entire community.

The platform of Sevte&Co is completely focused on speed and efficiency, getting you yourself to request a quote or repair and that the technical service directly contacts you to solve your problem, this is what makes so many users trust Sevte&Co to solve your daily problems.

The service is 100% safe and reliable, as our technicians / companies are verified by Sevte&Co and insured with our insurance.

Whether you own any type of appliance, technological device or a professional technician: this website is made for you.

How does Sevte&Co work?

Solve your problem in 3 easy steps.

Publish your problem

Publish your problem

Completing the slight form that we made on the web, your problem becomes visible to hundreds of professionals in your area who are registered and verified by Sevte&Co.

Choose your technician

Choose your technician

During the next minutes up to a maximum of 3 specialized technicians will be in contact with you to present a budget and deadline and try to reach an agreement on the work to be done

Problem solved.

Problem solved.

So fast, no trap or cardboard. When you have chosen a budget and a technician, he will do the work with the stipulated conditions, in direct contact with you and without intermediaries (not even us).

Broad support

Our hundreds of professionals support all these brands in an official way.